Paste Deployment News


  • Fixed Python 3 issue in paste.deploy.util.fix_type_error()


  • Fixed use of the wrong variable when determining the context protocol
  • Fixed invalid import of paste.deploy.Config to paste.deploy.config.Config
  • Fixed multi proxy IPs bug in X-Forwarded-For header in PrefixMiddleware
  • Fixed TypeError when trying to raise LookupError on Python 3
  • Fixed exception reraise on Python 3

Thanks to Alexandre Conrad, Atsushi Odagiri, Pior Bastida and Tres Seaver for their contributions.


  • Project is now maintained by Alex Grönholm <>
  • Was printing extraneous data when calling
  • Fixed missing paster template files (fixes “paster create -t paste.deploy”)
  • Excluded tests from release distributions
  • Added support for the “call:” protocol for loading apps directly as functions (contributed by Jason Stitt)
  • Added Python 3.x support
  • Dropped Python 2.4 support
  • Removed the paste.deploy.epdesc and paste.deploy.interfaces modules – contact the maintainer if you actually needed them


  • Fix loadconfig path handling on Jython on Windows.


  • In paste.deploy.config.PrefixMiddleware the headers X-Forwarded-Scheme and X-Forwarded-Proto are now translated to the key environ['wsgi.url_scheme']. Also X-Forwarded-For is translated to environ['REMOTE_ADDR']
  • Also in PrefixMiddleware, if X-Forwarded-Host has multiple (comma-separated) values, use only the first value.


  • Added paste.deploy.converters.asint().
  • fixed use sections overwriting the config’s __file__ value with the use’d filename.
  • paste.deploy.loadwsgi now supports variable expansion in the DEFAULT section of config files (unlike plain ConfigParser).


  • Fix appconfig config loading when using a config file with filter-with in it (previously you’d get TypeError: iteration over non-sequence)


  • Added scheme option to PrefixMiddleware, so you can force a scheme (E.g., when proxying an HTTPS connection over HTTP).
  • Pop proper values into environ['paste.config'] in ConfigMiddleware.


  • Any global_conf extra keys you pass to loadapp (or the other loaders) will show up as though they were in [DEFAULT], so they can be used in variable interpolation. Note: this won’t overwrite any existing values in [DEFAULT].
  • Added force_port option to paste.deploy.config.PrefixMiddleware. Also the prefix argument is stripped of any trailing /, which can’t be valid in that position.


  • Added some documentation for the different kinds of entry points Paste Deploy uses.
  • Added a feature to PrefixMiddleware that translates the X-Forwarded-Server header to Host.


  • Added PrefixMiddleware which compensates for cases where the wsgi app is behind a proxy of some sort that isn’t moving the prefix into the SCRIPT_NAME in advance.
  • Changed _loadconfig() so that it works with Windows absolute paths.
  • Make the error messages prettier when you call a function and fail to give an argument, like a required function argument.


  • Made the paste_deploy template (used with paster create --template=paste_deploy) more useful, with an example application and entry point.


  • Allow filters to have filter-with values, just like applications.
  • Renamed composit to composite (old names still work, but aren’t documented).
  • Added appconfig() to load along with loadapp(), but return the configuration without invoking the application.


  • Allow variable setting like:

    get local_var = global_var_name

    To bring in global variables to the local scope.

  • Allow interpolation in files, like %(here)s. Anything in the [DEFAULTS] section will be available to substitute into a value, as will variables in the same section. Also, the special value here will be the directory the configuration file is located in.


Released 26 August 2004

  • Added a filter-with setting to applications.
  • Removed the 1 from all the protocol names (e.g., paste.app_factory1 is not paste.app_factory).
  • Added filter-app: and pipeline: sections. Docs.
  • Added paste.filter_app_factory1 (doc) and paste.server_runner1 (doc) protocols.
  • Added paste.deploy.converters module for handling the string values that are common with this system.


Released 22 August 2004

Initial version released. It’s all new.